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Director Suite 5 is a full and final solution for the creation of media files. In the package it consists of multiple award winning apps. The applications are: color director 5, power director 15, audio director 7 and photo director 8. These mentioned applications are the simplest and complete photo and editing solution for beginners and advanced users. All these 4 applications work efficiently and quickly helping the user to create beautiful media which will be of professional quality. Its smoothly working environment is surely going to impress you.

PowerDirector 15

Power Director 15 is an advanced editing tool which includes the high performance media editing tools. Once you use it then you will realize that it is very easy to use. It has the abilities and features as: providing video editing tools to all the users from novice to experts, a vast option of designing tools that too are customizable, animated titles, having unique transitions, PiP objects and particles which enable you to have complete freedom to explore the artist hidden in yourself and to make the full use of the features provided by Power Director. 


PhotoDirector 8

Photo Director is something that is able to handle your needs of photo management. It consists of a lot of supported camera formats with solid features to handle all of your huge photo collections. There a number of filters and effects which can be easily applied to your photo collection. It works professionally yet simply to satisfy all your needs.

AudioDirector 7

Without a good audio your movie editing is half done. Improving the audio quality in your movies makes your work outstanding. This application features end-to-end audio integration to make your videos even more beautiful.

ColorDirector 5

Color director is a must have application in order to make good impressions, evoking responses to your collection of videos and even for story telling purposes. This application offers creative video makers for all types of users from beginners to experts. It is great tool to enhance your project via the use of features like color control and lighting.

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