Lumion 6.0 Pro Crack Free Download [Latest] – Sharewarez

Lumion 6.0 Pro Crack Free Download [Latest] – Sharewarez

Lumion 6 Pro Crack Free Download [Latest] - Sharewarez

Lumion 6.0 is visualization software particularly for architects. It fits perfectly into your existing workflow and permits you to quickly turn your 3D CAD designs into videos, images and online 360 presentations. You can breathe life into your design by adding environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage and compelling effects. So,Download Lumion 6.0 which is easy to master and easy to use, so creating impressive visualizations is no longer exclusively for 3D experts.

(Lumion latest Version )Permits you to spend more time improving your designs and interacting with your clients, and less time preparing and waiting for renders. Seamless interoperability with virtually any CAD package caters for fast design iterations and model changes. Ultra fast rendering permits you to quickly show your designs to your customers.

Here is latest Verion:

Download Lumion 7.0

New Technologies:



The main benefit of this software is that, Glass is widely used in architecture and good visualizations require that it is rendered accurately. Glass rendering in Lumion Pro 6 has taken a giant leap forward. The PureGlass® technology gives you access to transparent, translucent or frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever.


Speedray™ Reflections

Without good reflections it is impossible to create good looking glass, water, marble, wood or metal surfaces. Materials come to life with realistic reflections. Speedray™ Reflections offer the opportunity to massively improve image quality with little extra render time. In Lumion Pro 6 reflective surfaces are automatically improved at the flick of a switch.


Hyperlight® 2*

Subtle light variations often make the difference between a natural image and an artificial one. In real life the color of materials is the result of the complex way light bounces between surfaces. Hyperlight® 2 calculates the light on surfaces eight times more accurately compared with Hyperlight®, a new technology first introduced in Lumion Pro 5. In Lumion Pro 6, additional light is scattered over long distances and extra detail is visible at short distances.




Good shadows are an essential requirement for good looking images. Important visual cues about geometry and structure are lost without it. Leave out this type of shadow and objects will look like they are not really part of the scene. The new OmniShadow™ technology enhances small details and makes models feel more solid, through better looking shadows. They provide you with the feeling that an object is grounded and looks in place in the scene. Lumion 6 now features OmniShadow™ for improved results in both small and large scale scenes.


Improved Materials Surfaces

Materials are a fundamental part of any architectural design. In Lumion 6, physically based modelling of materials now more accurately simulates the natural roughness present on surfaces. As a result, reflections and the general appearance of surfaces look more realistic. This is especially noticeable on cloth materials, rubber, wood, characters, landscape and floor surfaces.



Wet Asphalt

Wet-looking asphalt is a subtle effect which has a subconscious impact on the onlooker and which can convey an additional sense of both realism and artistry. For example, parking lots or large open areas can be transformed if they look a little wet, as though it has just stopped raining. In Lumion 6, the addition of a new wet asphalt material makes it incredibly simple to inject this sense of artistic realism into your scene.


Faster rendering

Render time is crucially important in the visualization workflow. Due to detailed improvements in the rendering engine, Lumion 6 renders even faster than Lumion 5. Tests have delivered render time reductions up to 11%. This is quite staggering, considering that Lumion was already the fastest architectural rendering option available anywhere.

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